About Us

Australian Animals Care & Education Inc.

Australian Animals Care & Education Inc. (AACE Inc.) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and enhancement of our natural environment. Founded in July 2003, AACE Inc. plays an active role in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, ill and orphaned wildlife, as well providing ongoing support, education and assistance to its many volunteers and volunteer wildlife carers.

Currently based near Mount Larcom in Queensland with our Safe Haven project, AACE Inc. has been operating in the Central Queensland Coast region for 20 years. Initially associated with the rehabilitation of injured wildlife, AACE Inc. has facilitated native animal husbandry, managed captive breeding programs and partnered with Government authorities, universities and zoological institutions to conduct vital research for Australian wildlife, with an emphasis on threatened species.

At AACE – Safe Haven we welcome volunteers from all over the world and endeavour to pass on our knowledge of and passion for Australian wildlife!

Education, Rescue & Research Are Our Fundamental Objectives

The primary aim of the Safe Haven Project is to carry out native wildlife research, education, rehabilitation, and conservation with some of our main goals including:

  • Protecting Australian native wildlife;
  • Native wildlife research, teaching and conservation, and sharing the responsibility with the community;
  • Setting conservation benchmarks for the rest of Australia;
  • Providing information and data to other scientists and conservationists; and
  • Collaborating with passionate people to share our journey

All Native Species Are Important