• hairy nose wombat at safe haven


hairy nose wombat at play

What We Do at Safe Haven

Safe Haven is the base for Australian Animals Care and Education Inc. (AACE) who are dedicated to the protection and enhancement of our natural environment. Founded by Tina Janssen in July 2003, AACE plays an active role in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, ill and orphaned wildlife. AACE also provides ongoing support and assistance to their many volunteer wildlife carers. Tina manages a number of captive breeding programs and partners with Government authorities, universities and zoological institutions to conduct vital research on Australian wildlife, with emphasis on threatened species. As a not for profit organisation, AACE relies on financial support from grants, fundraising, donations and membership fees. At Safe Haven, we welcome volunteers from all over the world and endeavor to teach and pass on our knowledge of Australian wildlife as well as monitor and further our research. University students studying animal husbandry or similar areas can do placements with us. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering for more information.

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby

Habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change and disease are causing Australian native animals to experience the greatest extinction event of modern times.